The best way to understand BE is through experience.

Do you know where your numbers come from?

For such an exhaustively complex business model as agent commissions, it’s mind-blowing to think the same decades-old spreadsheet calculations could provide anything but lost profit. This is where BE started; determining an algorithmic system that could embrace the dynamic nature of the broker/agent relationship and yet be profitable for both.

Did you forget something at the office?

Productive agents are always on the go. From showing to showing, from negotiation to negotiation, their desktop is the last place they should have to be to make the deal. So, our tools allow their office to travel with them. Updating listings and pricings and even contracts can be done on-the-fly, in real-time on their phone.

Who do you call when you need an expert?

BE is tailored to each brokerage so the support level should match. We don’t believe in call centers but we do believe in “pods.” From the time you are onboarded, you have a dedicated support staff member. That staff member trains you but in turn trains other members of our staff in your business as well, forming a “pod” of consultants who are as familiar with your business as your original trainer. In addition, our staff is not just knowledgeable in the software they are supporting but the industry they support. So, when you talk to them, they speak your language as well as the system’s.

A Better Way to Broker™